Well hello there; allow us to introduce you to our strictly business cosplay blog. The two of us, being the best pals, enjoy cosplaying together and thought you'd like to check out our matching mayhem. Enjoy!


Anonymous asked
hi I've been seeing your cosplays on my dash lately (which are amazing btw) and I'm curious. where did you get your Terezi dragon cape? if you made it, would you be willing to share a pattern?

(Ah thank you very much you kind person (*´▽`*))

I made it- I didn’t use a pattern, but a tutorial I found on tumblr. It is on  insanitydonewell ‘s tumblr~ It is super helpful, especially for beginning sew-ers such as I!

Anonymous asked
GAAAH YOU BOTH ARE TOO CUTE I can't take it! And you're both reeally nice too And ahhhh can I count you guys as friends? ;w;

Thank you thank you..! Heck we’ll be your friend why wouldn’t we? You’re a sweetheart. uvu You should come off anon too so we know who you are

Woohoo getting started on our… 20sstuck?

Anyways. Flapper Rose!

I bet you can guess what Max is going to cosplay. X)

Rose: Emmy

mischief-unmanag3d asked
you guys are perf. stop. making me read homestuck because reeeeaallly.

Ah no you cutie thank you you’re too nice <3

Also, you should read it! X) It’s pretty awesome.


I really like these pictures of my friend and me look at that cute

Terezi/photographer: captainloudmouth

Photographer (second): therpham

I realized that none of our photos have Max’s beautifulamazing difficult to make crab communicator in them!

So I had to put this here because I am super proud of him. X3




I would promise that this is the last Karezi photoset, but that might be a lie. (^_^;)

Terezi: Emmy

Karkat: Max


Brown Bobblehead Bunny